neuronunit.models package


neuronunit.models.backends module module

NeuronUnit model class for ion channels models

class, channel_index=0, name=None)[source]

Bases: sciunit.models.Model,,

A model for ion channels

NML2_run(rerun=False, a=None, verbose=None, **run_params)[source]
plot_iv_curve(v, i, *plt_args, **plt_kwargs)[source]

Plots IV Curve using array-like voltage ‘v’ and array-like current ‘i’


Produces steady-state and peak IV curve at voltages and conditions given according to ‘run_params’


Produces peak current IV curve at voltages and conditions given according to ‘run_params’


Produces steady-state IV curve at voltages and conditions given according to ‘run_params’

neuronunit.models.reduced module

NeuronUnit model class for reduced neuron models

class neuronunit.models.reduced.ReducedModel(LEMS_file_path, name=None, backend=None, attrs=None)[source]

Bases: neuronunit.models.lems.LEMSModel, neuronunit.capabilities.ReceivesSquareCurrent, neuronunit.capabilities.ProducesActionPotentials

Base class for reduced models, using LEMS


Gets action potential waveform chunks from the model.

Must return a neo.core.AnalogSignal. Each column of the AnalogSignal should be a spike waveform.


Must return a neo.core.AnalogSignal.


Gets computed spike times from the model.

Arguments: None. Returns: a neo.core.SpikeTrain object.


Injects somatic current into the model.

current : a dictionary like:
‘delay’:100*, ‘duration’:500*}}

where ‘pq’ is the quantities package

This describes the current to be injected.

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